DevTernity 2018: Surviving Legacy Code


Some Useful Discussion Groups

Literally 20 years of wisdom in the archives of each group!


References and Further Reading

The Fundamentals

Tricks and Principles

The Dependency Inversion Principle

You can find a series of articles at

Test Doubles (also known as Mock Objects)

The Classics

“Advanced” Topics

  • J. B. Rainsberger, “The Myth of Advanced TDD”. That thing that you believe is “advanced TDD” would probably lead you in a worse direction, and not a better one.
  • Simon Harris, “Functional programming in object oriented languages”. You don’t need to learn Haskell to adopt a more “functional” style in your OO code. On the contrary, I encourage you to adopt a more functional style in your OO code in order to make it safer. I have experienced TDD this way: it has slowly and patiently led me in the direction of more functional code, and this seems to have happened to more people than just me.